Luxury hotel furniture suppliers need to more than saying it in their advertising.

The American Hotel and Lodging association estimates the number of Hotels in America at about 113,000 with about 5,524000 guest rooms. According to the findings of the annual HAC Hotel Economic Impact Report, throughout all of Canada there are approximately 8,508 hotels, motels, inns and resorts. This translates into about 461,537 guest rooms. About 25000 hotel rooms are being built every year in the U.S. and with a life expectancy of about 15 years (a lot of furniture never makes it this far) almost 400000 rooms get renovated each year. In a market of that size there are many manufacturers competing for the business, however there are only a handful of real quality luxury hotel furniture suppliers. Try to spot them. Luxury hotel furniture suppliers need to make sure they can back up the claims they make in their advertisements. Be Realistic About Quality One of the complaints many luxury hotel managers have when it comes to the furniture they use in their rooms, is that the high quality furniture they thought they were ordering turns out to be nothing but sub-par imported furniture. Not only does this low quality furniture reflect badly on the hotel, but it also wears out and needs to be replaced more quickly than the hotel planned. Making unrealistic claims about the quality of the hotel furniture being supplied means that the hotel will never do business with that luxury hotel furniture supplier again. Don’t Overstate the Product An alarming number of advertisements created by luxury hotel furniture suppliers use keywords that imply there’s something extra special about their furniture, when in reality it’s just... read more

Commercial hotel furniture provides that will ensure your project succeeds

Do you have an upcoming project where you will need to find suitable furniture for your hotel? Are you looking for a reputable hotel/hospitality furniture from a manufacturer knowing that they will be able to ensure quality with cost savings? Do you have future projects where you need furniture for that may be outside of Canada? Well, the good news is that these questions will all be covered today. We will also show you what to look for in commercial hotel furniture suppliers. Product Branding When you are looking for commercial hotel furniture suppliers, you want to go with a company that has a high-quality brand of furniture that is in itself stylish and comfortable. Product Branding ensures that the commercial hotel furniture suppliers customer is always satisfied, and their needs are always being met. Quality Products with Affordable Prices Commercial hotel furniture suppliers should have a wide variety of products that meet the needs for your project. Having a variety of products available at affordable prices makes the process of choosing furniture collections easier whether you are looking for an entire hotel or smaller project such as a bed and breakfast establishment. Project Management Commercial Hotel Furniture Suppliers can help your project stay on track. A company like Buhler, having been in the industry for decades and in the furniture industry since 1933, can provide an invaluable depth of experiene and knowledge that will help your project proceed on time and budget. Buhler has managed and seen through projects of all size. This experiene makes us a most valued partner when your project needs need to be completed without... read more

Upscale hotel furniture doesn’t come from China.

A hotel is only as good as the reputation it makes for itself. This is why an upscale hotel needs to reflect this ambiance in each room. Hotel guests should be provided with high end lounge furniture in lounge areas and rooms offering them an elegant theme pulled together by upscale hotel furniture. This furniture needs to go beyond China imports; upscale hotel furniture does not come from China, it is made right here in North America by trained an qualified craftsmen using high quality North American wood. Room themes set the stage for the whole vibe guests get to enjoy during their stay. Whether the theme revolves around the ocean, a color pattern, another era, or an art theme; the upscale hotel furniture needs to blend with, if not enhance, the theme of the room. While choosing the best upscale hotel furniture, such things need to be considered as comfort, design, color and special features. The furniture should be hardy, as it is expected to withstand ongoing wear and tear. The right furniture welcomes guests and invites them to feel as comfortable as they would be at home, while enjoying a whole new atmosphere that’s been decorated to cater to their interests and needs. High-quality furniture is one of the things that guests will notice right away. It doesn’t matter how the lobby looks, if a guest walks into a room decorated with less-than-quality furniture from China, their entire opinion of the hotel will change. So next time you are considering new upscale hotel furniture, look for a manufacturer with a proven record for quality, competitive price and... read more

Hospitality hotel funiture can make your guests come back.

The perfect ambiance is one of the most important prerequisites for success in the hospitality industry. This is why the quality of hospitality hotel furniture happens to be so important. Outdated furniture that fails in terms of functionality can have a disastrous impact on a hotel’s reputation. It’s important to keep in mind that not all hospitality hotel furniture is created equal. When it comes to room furnishing, quality is tremendously important. This is why representatives of the hospitality industry need to spend some time on finding the right furniture supplier and long-term partner. Why is quality so important when it comes to hospitality hotel furniture? Several factors contribute the role it plays in guest satisfaction. Comfort A busy traveler is looking for a high level of comfort and furniture is the primary tool for accomplishing that goal. A comfortable bed is probably one of the most important criteria that will determine the hotel guest’s quality of stay. Soothing and Restful A good hotel is also capable of providing that “at home” soothing and relaxing sensation. Cheap furniture made of inferior materials will never be capable of accomplishing that goal. It’s all about the warmth and rustic appeal of the pieces. Functionality Hotel guests want pieces that are functional, streamlined and easy to use. A comfortable chair, a strategically positioned desk and a wardrobe will all make the room easier to use in the best possible way. Furniture that lacks the necessary functionality is going to get visitors aggravated. Thinking about Hospitality Hotel Furniture in Advance The hotel’s interior design, the style and the target audience will all be determining for... read more

Not all hospitality furniture providers are the same…

When shopping for hospitality furniture providers, it is normal to presuppose that the entire pack is the same. After all, for most people furniture is furniture. However, for those who spend much of their days thinking about furniture the differences can be powerful. Manufacturing and Quality One of the most important aspects of the relationships between hospitality furniture providers and their clientele is the quality and manufacturing detail set. While plants in Asia may be able to save a small amount of money in the short term, often their manufacturing is suspect. When a hospitality company is looking for the best furniture, being able to trust the quality level and having a guarantee that is backed up by a plant that is closer to home can be very comforting. Design and Innovation Designing great furniture is not a simple matter. While anyone can think up a basic idea for chairs, tables, couches, beds and other types of furniture, it takes a team composed of some of the best designers and hospitality furniture providers in the industry producing the best work possible. When great designs and furniture that fits with and enhances the decor is on order, one cannot skimp on innovation. With North America based designers and hospitality furniture providers, there is an understanding of the local energy and culture that a team located in another part of the world simply cannot match. Top Quality Details Some say that the beast is in the details, and this is no exaggeration. Everything from protective coatings to the design of self-closing drawers say that top quality is the way this is done. With this top... read more

Buhler hospitality announces Buhler Concierge

The Buhler Hospitality Concierge concept encompasses the totality of the product and service offering that we offer. From a product standpoint, our new Concierge product integrates current trends in aesthetics, product function, guest expectations and emerging technology to provide customizable solutions appropriate to leading new construction and renovation projects. From a service standpoint, our Concierge service concept reflects our commitment to customizing the way we do business with you to ensure that your unique requirements are always met. To see our new Concierge Product concepts please click here, while to learn about our Concierge Service offering, please click... read more

Buhler Hospitality awarded furnishings for Hampton Inn Bismarck

Buhler Hospitality is pleased to announce that working with our rep force and design agencies that we have been awarded the furnishing contract for the new Hampton Inn in Bismarck North Dakota. Buhler is excited to continue our relationship with all stakeholders involved in this project. Buhler furniture can now be found at various different Hilton brands across North... read more

Buhler Hospitality featured at HD Trade Show on video

September 25/2013 – Check out this video which showcases our latest line of products as demonstrated at the recent HD trades show. Buhler’s own Celeste Brunel describes aspects of our latest furniture designs and what makes Buhler Hospitality different. To see the video, click... read more