Our Lars concept was inspired by a chance meeting with a concierge in Copenhagen. Reflective of his personality, this line of products is professional, simple, friendly and always ready to meet the unique demands of the individual traveller.

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Our Minako concept was inspired by a wonderful meeting with a concierge in Tokyo. Reflective of her “princess” personality, this line of products is high tech, demonstrate a vision of the future, but always provide a timeless sense of humanistic grace.

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Our Devi concept was inspired by an informative meeting with a concierge in Mumbai. Reflective of her detailed personality, this line of products is pragmatic, detailed oriented, but demonstrates a hidden beauty that will delight any traveller.

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Our Cam concept was inspired by an unforgettable meeting with a concierge in New York City. Reflective of his outgoing and “can do” personality, this line of products is nimble, multi-functional, and sure to cater to absolutely everybody’s needs.

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Palma is a name of latin origin and has the meaning of “palm tree”. Interestingly there are over 8 variant forms of the word. Our Palma concept line adapted this name as the headboard modules, patterns and colours can be infinitely customized to create a myriad of variants.


Our Curtis concept line is a sleek and streamlined solution providing a clean and minimalist approach. Guests who are treated to a night’s stay in the Curtis environment will awaken to an aesthetic of both stability and movement to begin their day’s journey.


Our solutions are only limited by your imagination. The hotel business is transforming and our furniture will continue to transform along with it. Hybrid and transforming furniture may form a part of the guest’s future experience.


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