Our Mission


Bühler Hospitality is the commercial contract division of Bühler Furniture, a company with a rich and vibrant history in furniture as well as other manufacturing enterprises.

Since 1933, the Bühler Family of companies have been manufacturing in North America. It has been our tradition through three generations to create the highest standard of furnishings that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our Hospitality Division was created with the vision that we could provide an exceptional product and purchasing experience to hotels, multi-unit residences and other large project environments. Much like our residential furniture division, we view every project and every piece of furniture as an opportunity to fulfill a promise. A promise of enhancing the experience for all of our stakeholders whether they are the owner of a hotel or a tired traveller looking for a night of comfort.

We fulfill our promises first and foremost through our dedicated team of designers, engineers, shop floor employees, customer service reps and sales team members who all have the passion and commitment to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

Secondly, we have the production infrastructure to ensure that your job, no matter how large or small is executed on time and on-budget 100% of the time.

Our manufacturing infrastructure includes:

  • 150,000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing plant
  • Leading edge manufacturing equipment including CNC controlled devices
  • In house finishing and painting capabilities
  • World class manufacturing processes

At Bühler, we do not confuse value with price. We understand that your investment in our product should stand the test of time…And that is our personal guarantee to you.


Specialization results in finer quality of craftsmanship, better value, and more efficient service to the customer. From our inception 20 years ago, Bühler Furniture embarked on this road with remarkable results. We’ve directed our efforts to manufacturing products in the accent furniture market segment that encompassed a wide variety of items including display cabinets, entertainment and fireplace models.



Our focus is to provide a high quality domestic furniture solution that employs old-world craftsmanship combined with the latest technology, the highest level of customer service, and competitive pricing. Over time we have perfected our manufacturing techniques through a well-trained, highly skilled workforce who continually strive for excellence. As a natural extension, this pursuit of excellence in furniture manufacturing led us to the hospitality market; where we use our established practices to produce the highest quality hospitality furniture available, both in standard lines and custom designs.



As a hotel/hospitality furniture manufacturer, our expert team at Bühler Hospitality furniture understands the importance of keeping a hospitality environment relevant. We understand that whether a property is newly built or a client is staging a full renovation, including theme and hospitality décor, our professional relationships keep us “in the know” with what is trending, what is desirable, and what just isn’t working in the industry. Because we rate in the top-most levels of the hotel/hospitality furniture manufacturing industry, we consider our dedication to every select client brand, owner, and guest, during the critical decisions we make.



As our community in the professional hospitality industry recognizes Bühler Hospitality as a top solution provider, our staff provides added benefits to major decision makers in the hotel industry, including hotel bedroom furniture suppliers. We are continually plugged in to the primary trends and preferences of our customers around the globe.

Your project deserves the best quality hotel/hospitality furniture available at competitive costs. Our collective strategy ensures that all of our clients have the advantage at every turn when it comes to excellent service. The long lasting reputation of our quality hotel/hospitality furniture means long-term satisfaction of your guests from decade to decade as well.





Our long history as a creative Canadian hotel/hospitality furniture manufacturer, we have a deep understanding concerning the client’s and vendor’s significance to our success. Our entire team extends friendly and accommodating care to our suppliers and clients . Our need for superior resources, plus meeting significant market trends, and developing relevant design and brands are the key elements to our successful operation and superior client services, with absolute accuracy and attention to uncommon detail.




We are service leaders in the hotel/hospitality furniture manufacturing industry. Our focus is always on the responsibility we have to lead out with the best innovative ideas for function, comfort and design. Creating unique furniture that positions our clients on the forefront of functional interior design, keeps our clients, and theirs, drawn to that expected level of comfort and quality. Our award winning designers in the hotel bedroom furniture suppliers division continue to innovate for comfort and imaginative design. Environments that continually surprise and impress our clientele, assure them that their satisfied hotel patrons will continue to return to their superior venues, time after time.