Think Green

Bühler Hospitality takes our responsibility to the environment very seriously. As an organization committed to sustainability and minimizing the impact of our processes and end products on the environment, we believe that working with our partners that we can make a positive impact on the world around us.

Over the last number of years, we have focused efforts throughout our business to continuously improve and reduce any environmental impacts.


Our wood cut-offs and sawdust are recycled into particleboard at a local plant.

Our used batteries and oil are collected and disposed in an environmentally friendly manner at a local hazardous waste disposal company.

Our cardboard waste is collected, compacted and then sent for recycling.


By using various speed drive compressors in our plant, we greatly reduce our energy consumption.

In 2008, Bühler upgraded to a top of the line, tank less, high-energy efficient boiler system.

All electricity we consume is generated by renewable, zero carbon emitting Hydro Electric power.


At Bühler, we finish our products by minimizing spray steps, we hand wipe all stain products into wood pores to attain its preferred look.

All of our stains are lead free and formaldehyde free. We recycle the wash out from our spray guns.


Each piece we build at Bühler is CARB compliant, California Air Resources Board current standard for formaldehyde emissions.


We blanket wrap our furniture with reusable blankets instead of boxes, getting more product into containers, using less fuel, and eliminating cardboard waste.

We use recycled cardboard for circumstances requiring cardboard.